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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Rowan Moon Moves into Leo and Warms Up the Last Days of Winter

As February comes to a close, the moon has moved into Leo and fired us up for fun, action, and appreciation. The fire of the sign of Leo comes from the Sun, its ruling "planet" and helps warm us up a bit today. Your moods will sparkle with sunlight and your smiles will beam your recognition that winter is losing its grip. We have been planting our seeds and choosing our goals for 2010 since January began.

As we recognize the thrill of the sprouting of the seeds we have planted, now comes a time of vision and celebration. Write down your visions for 2010's harvest. Fertilize the ground of your garden (mind and spirit) by celebrating a meal with friends and giving to those less fortunate than you. Check on elder relatives and neighbors. Your random acts of kindness bless not only the recipient, but also you, and anyone who witnesses what you do or even hears about what you have done. Don't do it for recognition. Do it because it feels good. Try not to get caught. Then do it some more.

We all get to enjoy our weekend and build up to the benefits of Sunday. the luckiest day of the 2010 for everyone. Sunday, February 28th Jupiter moves into Pisces with a full moon in Virgo. Light lots of candles and celebrate the returning light. Find time to bathe yourself in moonlight and starlight this weekend. Snuggle up with your little lions and enjoy the full moon!

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