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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Isn't this Divine?

Got a deck of these? Want to learn how to use them? Take a moment and look at all the images on this card. Why do you suppose there are lilies and roses? Why not daisies and daffodils? Know what an ourobouros is? Why do you figure there are three on this card? What's up with his right hand pointing down and his left hand aiming the double ended rod at the sky? Why is he wearing a red robe and a white gown? What are the objects on that table for? Once you become aware of what's shown in each card and their meanings, you can read much deeper meanings in your Tarot Card divinations. Join me and Let's Talk Tarot - May 3rd - online - 3-4:30. When you add deeper meaning to your life, your life adds deeper meaning! For more details, please go here:

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