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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mercury Goes Retrograde Septemer 17th

 Water Disasters, Travel Tricks & Mental Massacres
Are You Already Into Mercury's Mischief?

There are many of you out there experiencing water problems - floods, overflows, and leaks abound. These are happening in places which give you clues to just which issues are already being mirrored in your environment by this rascally Mercury - AND IT DOESN'T GO RETROGRADE TILL THURSDAY! This should alert you to be prepared for whatever happens. Remember to hold onto your sense of humor. When you laugh at a situation, you regain control.
My sister has had three or four water emergencies as she moved back into her home after extensive reconstruction repairs from the flood of Memorial Day. Disheartened to say the least, yesterday she showed me the float which the latest plumber fished out of the lines - the float which the first plumber used to determine there was a shower pan leak - and which he evidently dropped and didn't follow into the lines. Here, the problems are all underground. This mirrors the emotions which correlate to the sense of physical security. Since the entire household had to move out to rebuild, it is understandable that everyone felt a bit insecure all Summer long. Ready to "go back home" and moving in all their stuff, it is a long process to re-establish a household. Take steps every day to rebuild your life. Release what no longer serves. Re-evaluate and reconsider what is allowed to return. Especially tend to your foundation and security.
Another client woke to the sound of a waterfall in her house last night. She discovered her kitchen ceiling had fallen and water pouring everywhere. Here, the problems are overhead. Look to emotional thoughts which include worry about the future, incomplete projects, and fear of mental disabilities. Review financial plans and 1/3/5 year intentions. Release incomplete projects and regain the energy they drain. Reconnect to learning and mental agility through activities such as crossword puzzles, trying new activities, and the brain games of Especially tend to your paperwork.

Should you be experiencing leaks in the walls or in your car engine, look to your physical body for indications of where to focus your efforts. This "leak" can be a DATA leak, such as having your credit card information stolen. It can lead to a loss of data on your computer, lost emails, missed phone calls, etc. Likewise, your journeys may feel scrambled, stress screams through your body manifesting as injuries or pain, and retracing your steps seem to be happening more than ever before. Look here to the core of your body, including heart health, respiration issues, and even skin eruptions. Especially tend to your body's well-being.

Turmoil will continue until about Halloween, when Mercury's retrograde fades this time. When you witness others raging against the wild turns of affairs, assure them that this too shall pass - it will, eventually. These are always things which need to be taken care and you hadn't noticed. Take care of them this time or you get to deal with more come Christmastime.
Hang in there folks! You are not crazy. This happens every year - 3 or 4 times a year - and it has been happening your whole life long. You just didn't know what was happening. Now you do. You're welcome.

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