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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dragons and Tigers and Fears - Oh My!

If you are feeling down, disempowered, fearful, or lost, this little video is for you - from me. Don't worry. Know that fear is False Emotions Appearing Real. It leads to the Kryptonite of Doubt! Just say NO! Stop your uncontrollable Dragon of Fear with the power of your White Tiger. You're OK. Look around for proof of the blessings you already have.

If things are scary now, they're just about to get better. Out of your greatest challenges come your greatest opportunities. Expect something wonderful to happen to you today. Know that everything is just fine. Faith eliminates fear. You've always been OK. You're OK now, and you'll be fine tomorrow too. Know it. Expect it. Appreciate all the little things so they can grow up to be big things.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Looking to Buy or Sell Your Home?

What if you and your family could move into a home that provides energy to support your financial prosperity, health, and well being? Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or lease, a home that is certified as a Feng Shui Friendly Environment ensures you and your loved ones will be surrounded by everything you need to thrive. Available only through Trisha Keel, Tomorrow's Key, or any of her students.

If you'd like to perform your own energy clearing, here is a quick video to give you a quick, simple summary of the ways and means to balance your home's energy out of summer and into the coolness of the coming fall months.

The days and nights are now balanced (equinox = equal nights). It's time for your annual Autumn energy clearing. Bring your environment into alignment with the more gentle natural cycle of Fall as Summer fades away and enjoy the support of Nature as you move into the Season of the Harvest.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

By promoting the energy of the heart of your home you help ground your entire family by enhance their sense of connectedness, comfort, and ease. Feng shui tips for creating your own hearth, honoring the heart of your home, and empowering your own security.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The heart(h) of your home is a miniature mirror of your entire environment. Look carefully at the energy flow here. Feng shui tips for the center of your home address what to do if you have a water or fire feature in this gua, or nothing at all.