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Friday, March 15, 2013

Yes, You Can Take It With You

Make Your Own Traveling Feng Shui Supply Kit

The man in my life came home from a business trip recently complaining about the hotel room and how he found it to be uncomfortable, noisy, and sterile. He was there for three nights and he began to find its lack of supportive energy tedious. By the time he got home, he was exhausted. His energy didn't return till after 48-hours in his normal sweet feng shui support.

Knowing he had to go back the following week, I prepared him a travelling feng shui supply kit. I sent him with a blue scarf to lay across the table or chest in his room (also to cover poison arrows), a couple of stones, a candle in a glass votive with a box of matches, a tiny metal statue, a chunk of wood from a special tree, and a small octagonal mirror. He set these out when he got into his room, lighting the candle as he came back each night. The next trip was much easier on him. He returned home charged by his journey instead of drained, and he was ready to return to his routine the next day.

You can do this too. Whether it's a trip to a friend's home, a business trip, or a vacation, you always benefit from supportive feng shui in your environment. All you need to do is pack something lovely from each of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. You can even combine elements for less things to pack. For example, a square metal framed photo of a loved one standing under palm trees at the seashore gives you all five elements in one item:

  • Earth energy from the square
  • Metal energy from the frame
  • Fire energy from the loved one (all living things have Fire energy)
  • Wood energy from the palm trees
  • Water energy from the ocean at the beach

The most important things to consider when choosing what to take with you are that

  • You like looking at each item: they make your eyes smile
  • All five elements are represented
  • They travel easily: not too large or heavy or easily broken

In order to determine what to pack, select any one from each of the following five headings, according to what feels right to you. Feel free to mix and match for each trip:


  • Things made out of any kind of wood
  • Things that look like wood or plants
  • Small silk plant
  • Paper
  • Book
  • Basket
  • Something made of cotton
  • Anything the color of wood, any shade of green, any color that might be in a cornucopia


  • Candles
  • Statues of animals and anything made from animals like leather or ivory
  • All technology-your computer, cell phone, iPad, iPod, et.
  • Anything that uses electricity
  • Anything the color of fire: reds, oranges, fiery yellows


  • Anything made of earth: marble, terra cotta, limestone, sandstone
  • Crystals, rocks, geodes
  • Stone coaster for your beverage
  • Jewelry with gemstones: diamonds, emeralds, rubies, turquoise, etc.
  • Anything the color of earth: sand, brick, taupe, yellow (like sulphur), ochre, rust, etc.


  • Anything made of metal
  • Coins from your pocket
  • Keys
  • Metal dish
  • Anything the color of metal: gold, silver, copper, bronze


  • Jug for your water
  • Bucket for ice
  • A mirror
  • Anything made of glass
  • A watercolor
  • Anything the color of water: blue, turquoise, aqua, navy, or black
I'd love to hear about your Traveling Feng Shui kit. What did you choose? Send me a photo of your kit set up and I'll send you the Five Elements Chart so you can identify even more layers of the energies of each element.