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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Join Me for "Walk About With Trisha"

Wanna come play with me?

I'm creating a new game for my feng shui fans out there. It's called "On Walk About with Trisha" and will present to you photos of things I find on my walks. I ask you to respond with comments about what strikes you about the ENERGY or FEEL of the place in the photo, and what you'd recommend to the resident to improve their environment, thus enhance their lives. Look too and find things they've done well. We will collaborate and see more than only one pair of eyes can see, thus giving us all more knowledge about sweetening our home's energies.

Please visit my facebook page at to see the daily photos I share from my morning walks. It's amazing what a world we create for ourselves. Discover what your neighbors are up to and improve your own environment and life!

Find out more and friend me on facebook to earn points for more feng shui fun!