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Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh boy! News and Ideas for a Super Spring!

One of my subscribers called me within minutes of when I published this month's newsletter. She had gotten to the article about how clutter makes your butt bigger and could not quit laughing. She thought it was so funny because she had just seen a photo of herself from behind and wondered how her rear end had gotten so large.

This friend has valiantly battled her clutter since I met her. She has brought in help, had garage sales, and still constantly battles the bulge of stuff that is gaining on her. She is now doing an experiment to see if a solid six weeks of clutter clearing will reduce the size of her butt. Stay tuned. She's keeping records. I'll let you know what she discovers.

I do know that it worked for me. Every time I fold my clothes I look at the size of the spread of the rear end of my jeans and I am truly amazed. Little butt!! Really. It makes me very happy.

The clutter clearing took me years though, so if you're about to embark on the same experiment, be patient with yourself. It's like learning to walk again - baby steps. Or learning to dance - you've got to start somewhere. The more you do, the better you get. But you can't quit practicing.

It's a process rather than a place. Celebrate each drawer, each shelf, each load of stuff you take to Goodwill - bribery works. I particularly like getting a new outfit to reward myself because I can see myself in the three way mirror in the dressing room and see how good I'm looking. Losing the weight of all the stuff you've been hiding behind looks really good in the mirror. Ask anyone who follows you up a flight of stairs.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

TC Bank- Dream Rangers

I just watched this commercial, sitting entranced, intrigued, and then overwhelmed with the sense of joy that comes from living a dream. I invite you to watch it, enjoy it, then, in joy - share it with everyone you care about.