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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Everything You Need to Know About The Year of the Yin Water Snake

Snakes have a bad reputation in the Western world for many reasons. There's that whole Garden of Eden thing the Snake has on its rap-sheet, but there's also the fact that the critters just don't have any legs. They don't have any fur either. And no cute ears.
Some of them have poisonous venom and all of them have fangs - they have to in order to eat anything. Oh, and did I mention there are snakes that can eat you whole?
I don’t think you have to be a woman to get the willies over snakes. Guys get kind of weird about snakes too. Even Bill Cosby says they make him nervous. Remember his old routine where he is out in the woods and calls out, “Snakes? You out there?”
ANYWAY, 2012’s year of the Dragon is flying away and 2013’s Water Snake is slithering in. I thought you might like to know a bit about what to expect of the energies that are coming your way. The Chinese Lunar New Year begins with the new moon (this is the Rowan Moon) on February 10th. The energies will shift from the dramatic power of the Dragon to a more psychic and sensual energy of the Snake. There will be a blend of energies to come. Here are your heads-ups and low downs:
  • Snakes are sneaky. This year, risks will be taken. Illusions will be staged. Stay aware and alert for deception. Do your homework before you sign any legal documents. Keep your antenna up in your relationships. There may be innovative ideas and reforms, but there may also be secret plots and uprisings.
  • Compassion will be key, but desire can steal the show. Passions may flare if you feed its fire. Stay aligned with what your heart tells you rather than the whispers of others. If the choice is to be right or to be kind, just be kind.
  • A new consciousness is emerging. People are more aware of their connectedness with one another, with the environment, and with the future. Research and development of new technologies will flourish, as will scientists and scholars.
  • There will be a tendency towards extravagance and a love of lazing in the sun, but these will not contribute to your bank account. Don’t look for immediate gratification. Build your pot penny by penny and stay within your budget.
  • Snakes are always able to provide for their families, and you’ll be able to provide for yours during 2013. There will be enough. Planning ahead is key. Eschew spontaneity this year. The second half of the year will be better financially than the first.
  • Though you may want to go crazy with getting into new ventures, take your time and allow for the gestation of your idea to evolve naturally. See your plans as if they are already in form. They do exist once you’ve imagined them. Keep feeding their coming by contributing consistently to their culmination.
  • Let go of anything that holds you in the past. Regret, rage, or resentment only block your flow. Let them go! Then you can use that energy to grow.
  • The year’s Snake energy is modified by both yin and water energies. Yin energy is receptive, feminine, dark, and cool - like the earth waiting for seeds to be planted. Water energy manifests in your life as your ability to flow through the ocean of people with whom you interact. Manners are important. So is integrity.

The energy for the Water Snake is fire under water. Unless you are a person comfortable with fire, take care when you use it this year. Both fire and water damage metal. Metal underground will be susceptible to damage in 2013. This can manifest in tunnels or building foundations. Storms will stir up where there is warm water and warm moist air. Disasters occur where fire and water meet. There will be more travel and thus, likely, more accidents involving planes, ships, and trains.
In 1953, the last year of the Water Snake, the first color television was sold, Disney’s Peter Pan premiered, and DNA’s double helix structure was discovered. Playboy magazine debuted and the first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, was published. The Korean War ended and Stalin died of a stroke. Queen Elizabeth was crowned. The entertainment industry and science flourished. Peace was restored and a new monarchy begun. Watch for similar energetic results in 2013.
This is a year for planting seeds for your future. Expect to reap the benefits of your efforts in 2014, the year of the Horse. If you don’t prepare the soil and plant your seeds of intention now, you will harvest by default. No choice is a choice.
This is your year of transformation. As you choose to co-create your future, you will undergo a metamorphosis, just as the snake sheds its skin and begins again. The change you spark now with your optimism and enthusiasm can manifest your wildest dreams. If you’re interested in taking your transformation to the highest level possible, you may be interested in my online training, The Art of Living Your Life. A new class is forming now. For information, visit my website by clicking here.
     Gung hay fat choy! - which means Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year!

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