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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Acts of Art near the Heart of Houston

First I thought there was a dog by itself - no leash, no owner, and about to step out onto Washington Avenue's 5 lanes of traffic. Then I realized it was actually a drawing. A wall mural. After driving by this little dog several times and admiring how clever the artist was to do such a cool thing, I began to spot other pieces of art.

My next serendipity was the soldier. This photo is taken through a chain link fence. The art is full of emotion so I know the artist has a connection to someone serving in the Middle East. The artwork stands guard facing southeast towards downtown at the corner of Sawyer/Taylor and Washington Avenue. He is never off duty from his watch. It warms my heart with reassurance every time I drive by him. I'm not certain he was done by the same artist as the soldier art isn't signed. It seems to be a different sort of work, but I found them the same day, so I wonder if they are from the same artist.

When the tiny Tyrannosaurus Rex appeared I was so charmed I made myself put my camera in my car. It took me a few days to get myself back over to Sawyer Street, but I captured that T-Rex even though I blocked traffic (3 18-wheelers and a couple of sedans) for just long enough to snap the shot.

Each work of art's position is integral to the realism of the art. The dog looks like he is standing on the sidewalk. The soldier on one knee is staged to be on guard. The dinosaur is running like the raptor that he is, probably after rats at this size, but just so full of life and energy! All three of these random acts of art appear to be done by the same artist: COOLIDGE.

Whoever you are, COOLIDGE, I want to you to know three things: 1) I noticed; 2) I love 'em; and 3) please keep it up. Now I'm always on the lookout for your gifts. I can't tell you how big my grin is, but every time I discover your art, I smile from ear to ear.

Finally, I see that someone else has noticed your work and is following your lead. Knave seems to be angry, however. Dangerous. His art is threatening. Art is art, yes, but the Knave's work comes with a very large hand gun and no whimsy. So if the Knave should happen to come across this posting, I want you to consider three things: 1) you're a good artist; 2) you're getting noticed; and 3) if you please your audience they'll seek you out and ask for more.

I don't imagine the property owners appreciate these fanciful murals on the walls of their property, but I do. This part of town is undergoing a major rebirth. As it is developed, I hope there will be places set aside for artists such as these to continue sharing their random acts of art. They brighten the day of those who actually take the time to SEE what is around them.

Monday, January 17, 2011

January Newsletter Hot Off the Virtual Presses

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