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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tomorrow's Key December 2011 Newsletter Published

Hot off the keyboard, my December newsletter is chock full of goodies. 'Tis the time of the Magi - get ready to image your new year! The Winter Solstice Approaches, watch my video on how to prepare and truly focus your intentions this time around. There are 7 sweet suggestions for aligning your Feng Shui for the Winter Solstice. Discover that grown-ups can play hooky too - and have since the beginning of time. Mark your calendar for the In Between Day and have yourself a hot time as the Sun returns!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feng Shui & Moon Magic Published!!

I am extremely proud to announce the publication of my third book, Feng Shui & Moon Magic. This book ties all the knowledge I've gathered about the Eastern alignment and understanding of energy (the Tao, Feng Shui, Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, meditation, etc.) with the Western alignment and understanding of energy (the Druid's Thirteen Moon Tree Calendar, the Wheel of the Year, the power of intention (a.k.a. magic), quantum physics, and astronomically repeating cycles). I present all of this to you in a monthly format that you can use to enrich your life with meaning that you give it. The result is that you promote success and well-being in all areas of your life.

This is the perfect gift for the witchy women in your life.  : )

Here's a preview from my introductory chapter:

Where to Start
To make the best use of this book, read through the first chapter that explains Feng Shui. Do a few experiments to integrate what you’ve read. Change something and observe your results. See if your space reflects what you want or what you believe. Go find your Wealth corner. See what’s there. Check out your front door. Look at your environment with your new “Feng Shui eyes.” There is a lot of information there to digest, so take your time with this chapter. Remember, Feng Shui is all about how YOU feel in your space, not me, not your friend...YOU. 

When you’re ready, read through the information in the second chapter about the lunar energies. Visit some of the web links recommended there. Take the time to anlayze the information given in the Druids’ Moon Calendar, pp. 56-57.  

Then turn in the book to the month before the one you are in now and read about the natural forces and environmental energies that were then at play. Recognize anything suggested there as part of your experience during the last lunation (lunar cycle)? Next, read about the current month to understand the energies now affecting your world.

Finally, turn and read what to expect in the coming month. You want to pay attention to what’s coming down the road. It’s a little like doing your grocery shopping before you start cooking for a special occasion so you will have everything you need at hand, or purchasing a birthday gift early because you know the date is coming. 

As you stay aware of what is coming in the month ahead, you will develop a pleasant awareness of the reassuring constancy in the cycles of life. The Wheel of Life turns a bit each day. Those who are aware of their world smell Autumn coming in mid-August or feel the quickening of Spring in a tiny bud found on a late Winter afternoon. 

Each chapter includes five sections:
Lore about the lunation’s associated tree
Feng Shui tips for each lunar phase
Scents, colors, and sounds of the season
Magical ceremonies to enhance the Moon’s influence
Activities from which to choose to integrate the energy of this spoke of the Wheel of the Year

Pick and choose among the many suggestions provided. There will those which resonate most strongly with your life situation at that time. Choose one or more than one, again, according to what feels right for you. I’ve given you plenty of ideas, so each year you’ll be able to try something new. As you become more familiar with Nature’s cycles, some of these activities will create new traditions. Not all will appeal to you at any given time. Consider this a cafeteria line in the course of creating the life you wish to live. 

I encourage you to take notes in the margins, highlight important passages, fill in the blanks, and bring this book to life with your own added life experiences as you go along. Write your name in it with the date you received it. Date each spell or ceremony you try and write out the results you got. Did you enjoy it or not? Tuck photos or sketches into the pages for future references.

I have arranged the months in order according to the Wheel of the Year with the first chapter correlating to the most ancient understanding that the new year began when this year’s harvest was complete. The Table of Contents gives you dates to make it easier as I’m not following the Julian calendar. You will notice that there is one day missing: December 23rd, the day out of time, or “in between day.” You’ll learn about that on page 125.

The Wheel of the Year keeps on turning but, like an unfurling spiral, it never brings us back to where we were. It only moves us forward to where we are going. We can watch our parents ahead of us and our children following us, but we each have only one shot at this day at this time in our lives. We each have one chance to choose to cherish the moment as we “stop and smell the roses” or to disregard the moment as “same old stuff, different day.”

The more attuned you are to your world, the more you can appreciate it. Real estate appreciates in value over time. The value of your life will increase as you appreciate it. 
Your sense of wonder and awe will expand. Your gratitude and daily sense of delight will bring more things for which to be grateful and in which to find delight.

You’re going to need a little information about Feng Shui and I include that here. But you’ll discover that most of the lore of the Moon and the Earth’s energies you already know. You were born “knowing.” This is ancient knowledge that thrums within our heartbeats and is coded in our very DNA. 

You’ll read things I have written here and think to yourself, “Wow, I never thought about it like that,” only to take a couple of breaths, and rethink, “Of course. I knew that. I’ve always known that.” It’s all just as natural as Mother Nature and Father Sky. Our Earth and the Moon and the Sun define our home, our emotions. Our very lives depend on them. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hey Y'all! I was on The View from Venus!!

If you missed my interview, you can listen to my interview about my new book Feng Shui and Moon Magic at #BlogTalkRadio

Ginger McCord, publisher of the Indigo Sun, and Teresa Moran visit with me about my book, Living HeartWise, as well as my newest book, Feng Shui & Moon Magic. Both of these are written to give you information you can USE to improve your life on so many levels. Both books are available on

Feng Shui & Moon Magic blends the elements and elemental energies of the earth with the natural cycles of the Wheel of the Year. This book brings both together and aligns each lunar cycle with Feng Shui with the ancient traditions of the Druids and their sacred trees.

The Thirteen Sacred Druid Moon sections individually contain information designed to align your body, mind, and spirit with the rhythm of this cycle of time. The dates for each of these Moons correlates to the new Moon, rather than the full Moon of the lunation.

This knowledge is purposefully delivered dovetailed with the Feng Shui energy of the cycle. Each section contains the following details and more:
• Introduction to and information about the sacred tree corresponding to this time of the year
• Lore, legends, and historical background of deities and people, plants, animals, symbols, etc.
• Feng Shui Checklist of Thirteen Recommendations created specifically for this lunation
• Scents, Sounds, and Colors of the Season
• Magic ceremonies (feng shui cures, activities with verbal incantations, or spells) aligned with this time period which you can perform to focus your intentions and bless your life (always done…with harm to none, see the Wiccan Rede)
• Suggested Life Enrichment Activities to harmonize your life with the energy of the Moon of the season

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 2011 Newsletter from Tomorrow's Key

November 2011 Newsletter from Tomorrow's Key

This time of year is all about introspection and inspiration. Create your own personal altar to honor your Spirit within. Learn about the goddess of the heart(h) and home and receive 10 Feng Shui tips to honor yourself and your home's Center. Join me for lunch on blogtalkradio's The View from Venus November 17th (11:30am-12:30pm) and learn more about my newest book: Feng Shui & Moon Magic.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Feng Shui for Abundance

The October Portal Fiat Lux contains a checklist of things you can do to increase the wealth abd abundance in your life. Learn about my new divination services as well as my brand new online training courses. Check out all the fun by clicking the title of this post. Happy Fall, Y'all!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Three Days Out of Time, Wealth & Well-Being, Divination and More!

My October 2011 newsletter is chock full of goodies and hot off the presses. Oh Boy!! Online classes NOW available. Check it out by clicking on the title to this entry or the photo shown here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Be Attentive to the Thoughts You Entertain and Issue

"Thoughts of greed, hate, venom, gentleness, and kindliness change the type and modify the breath-form for the time during which the thinking goes on, as a face is changed by love or anger. A thought, when issued, has a certain sound (vibrational frequency) that being equivalent of a form. That sounding causes physical matter to collect in the form of rock, plant, or animal."
- Harold W. Percival, Thinking and Destiny, 1946

We truly do need to be attentive to the thoughts we allow to take up residence in our minds. We are not our thoughts, nor are they us, but they take on a life of their own. When we add emotion to our thoughts we most especially give them powers beyond a stray idea that floats through one's awareness.

"Thoughts are 'issued' by the (use of) word, speech." This clearly states that once we raise the vibrational frequency of an idea to speak it aloud, it takes on form: thought-form. Thoughts that are continually entertained in your mind are fed your attention, your energy, and are recognized by other sentient beings.

Quantum physics defines the smallest quantity of consciousness as an ATOM. Atoms are aware of you and are affected by your thoughts. Masaru Emoto has proven this with his work with water (see his book, The Hidden Message in Water). As humans are made of 70-90% water, every thought we have vibrates through our own water in our own bodies.

When you say things like, "I'm so stupid," "I'm dying to...", or "Please don't hate me, but..." your body/mind hears you. (Yes, your entire body makes up your mind. Those cells are all busy doing their jobs, duplicating themselves, dying off, etc. without direction from your brain).

Please be aware of the thoughts you think and the words you say - most especially to those you love, like your family, friends, pets, home, and car. Speak only the best news or, as Thumper's daddy said, "Don't say nothing at all."

It is by no coincidence that the words of John 1:1 in the Bible are "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Any statement you begin with "I am..." creates your reality. Think twice before you add sick, tired, dying, etc.

While I'm passing on some profoundly deep knowledge, you get to choose whether or not to heed it. Just sayin'...

To learn more about Emoto's work with water, click here to watch a video on YouTube.

September 2011 Newsletter from Tomorrow's Key

September 2011 Newsletter from Tomorrow's Key

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 2011 Tomorrow's Key Newsletter Hot Off the Presses

After a long month of dealing with the Mercurial trickster I am very happy to announce the publication of my August newsletter. Mercury in retrograde started with my computer's meltdown (literally - it was 80° in my office and my motherboard melted) and ended with the sad death of Gabriel, our senior kitty (almost 20). This woman is very happy to be on the other side of that time period and I know you are too. Remember, the next MR will be mid-November to mid-December, so do your holiday shopping early!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Go For It - Even If You Must Take Baby Steps

Baby steps spark miracles.

Miracles do not spark baby steps.

If you're taking baby steps, you will eventually get there. If you're feeling scared about where you're going or where you are, click on the title above for a link to a video that will help you through that scary, darey edge you must step over.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Lughnasadh: It's Hot, HOT, HOT!!

For about a week now I've been feeling an urge to change out my early summer silk flowers and garlands to my early fall colors. This morning while my computer was installing new software, I took the time to take down a garland of morning glories and change it out with one chock full of small golden-faced miniature sunflowers. I didn't really know why I was feeling so pushed to do this, it's still the middle of summer after all. But I just knew I HAD to do it.

Turns out that this time is when the Wheel of the Year begins to shift from growing time to harvest time. The subtle changes of the shortening days are adding up. The nights are a bit longer now, but the days seem to be hotter than ever - and they are! (See my last newsletter for the story of the dog days of summer, which we are now well into. These are currently celebrated in the United States as National Air Conditioning Weeks. Seriously.)

This time is known as Lughnasadh (Loo-NAH-sah), honoring Lugh, the sun god of the ancient Celtic warriors. His name, like Lucifer and Luke, comes from the ancient Celtic word for light. August 1st is also referred to as Lammas, (loaf-mass; loaf of bread) to honor the first harvest of grain. The seasonal changes in weather are there for you to see if you look. Tropical storms blow through to stir up the seasons, high pressure areas battle lows in awesome thunderstorms, the cicadas roar, the wooly caterpillars hide out, the no-see-ums are voraciously viscious, and the declining arc of the sun moves further south. Day by day the sinking sun directs a different angle of light through different windows at different angles and different times. While the turning of the Wheel of the Year is slow, it is still apparent for the aware. No matter how distracted you may be, you're noticing the heat! It is said that even after Lughnasadh, the corn ripens as much by night as by day

Although temperatures can still be high, the mood and sensation of the year most decidedly changes. Sweet, soft summer nights are the best of times to be outdoors (after the mosquito feeding hours). While we're not farmers ourselves, we are moving into harvest time. You're seeing corn on the cob in the grocery stores now - next thing you know there will be pumpkins! Cold beer is the perfect way to enjoy the grains during these hot days.

Recently I had an epiphany as I came to realize that every one of us lives as plants and animals sacrifice their lives to feed us. Truly the sense of the "communion" took on an entirely more vast meaning. The "deal" is that they gladly give their lives in exchange for your appreciation of their sacrifice. I now take the time to bless not just my water, but all the food I eat: salad, steak, bread, fruit - they all are giving me life they took from the sun either directly (through photosynthesis) or indirectly (by eating plants or other animals which at plants). It all goes back to the sun god - the source of our light and life.

As the Wheel of the Year continues to turn, our next big point will be the Autumn Equinox, September 21st. While the heat will still be with us here in Houston, you may, if you put your face into the wind, smell Autumn coming as August ends. It doesn't take too much to recognize that summer is coming to an end. Back to school days are upon us. Savor the days of summer and share some of Nature's bounty with loved ones to honor the day.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brainstorming for Breakthroughs!!

Remember me mentioning MR earlier this week? Mercury in retrograde slammed me entirely THROUGH a big old wall in my world Friday. My computer died.

That machine was the hardest working champion on my team. It was 10 years old and going strong - till I had a hard freeze late Friday evening. My mac gave its all for me and I'm just as proud of it as I am of the old Mac Classic SE30 I have sitting on the bookshelf next to me (SRSLY - still starts up in System 6). I'm writing this today on my laptop - and I'm not so easy with this flat keyboard but it's working and I am enormously grateful that I have it.

I've had to really rethink a lot of choices over the past day. And to consider why I made the choices I did and even what that said about me and what I believed. Sheesh!!

I have my entire business on that old machine - all my accounts, art, work, websites, libraries of fonts and graphics, all my company records, the books I've written, and so, SO much more. I have to get to that data so I focused on reviving the mac. My younger sister, thank goodness, managed to wrangle my focus to acquiring a new computer and THEN recovering the data to it rather than investing in repairing a decade old hunka technology. Bless her persistence - she got my attention and I managed to pivot forward as she recommended.

During my drive all over town to the Apple store, a computer repair center, my sister's home, etc., I was listening to an audio of Bob Proctor's Freedom Series on making breakthroughs. (There are no coincidences.) The gist of his recording was that in order to make a major breakthrough in life, one must figure out what beliefs (or paradigms) are buried deeply in the mind that is competing with your future vision.

He recommended sitting in private with a tablet and pencil, relaxing, and thinking about all the success I want that still eludes me. Then he said to title a page of paper: "The results in my life that I have but do NOT want are:" - and then just letting them flow out of my head and onto the paper. He assured me they would show themselves like invisible ink coming to light, and he was exactly right. That was one ugly list.

To demolish those old paradigms I was to create emotionally charged 3-D visions of the OPPOSITE of every line I wrote on the first page. Every one of the new statements would list what I DO want to have as the results of my life. I was to write them on another page titled, "I am so happy and grateful now that…"

I have to tell you the way it FELT to write each of those new statements was palpably joyful and an immense relief!! It made me grin to write the first one, smile widely to write the second, and laugh in delight as I kept going. This feels awesome!! I kept going back to the list yesterday and looking over it, rereading it, enjoying it. I wanted to memorize it entirely.

Today I tape-recorded it and can play it back to hear any time I want. Once I get a new computer I'll put it on my iPod and into iTunes for ease of use.

I'm so excited I had to share this with you. If you've been wondering why you've not gotten the results you've worked so hard for try this advice from Bob Proctor. I did and found it delicious!! As those of you who have done "margarita research" with me before know, it's best that you try this out and see for yourself. If it works for you, please pass it on.

Oh, by the way, I subscribe to Bob Proctor's Six Minutes to Success. You might want to check it out yourself too. The audio CD I was listening to from which today's blog was inspired came from a free download when you subscribe to Six Minutes. I heartily recommend it if you are into blasting through blocks and brainstorming for breakthroughs!! Tell 'em I sent you. ; )

Friday, July 29, 2011

Get Ready to Rumble: It's a 22 Day!!

Everything - every person, place, event, thing, and thought - is made of energy. Energy, by nature, is always moving. The movement of energy is measured in Hertz, or wavelengths created in a time span. or, as they are more commonly known: frequencies. There are sound frequencies our ears can hear, but speed them up a bit and they become radio and television frequencies. Speed those up and they become light that our eyes can see, but faster than that they become x-rays, gamma, and cosmic rays that other special equipment is needed to "recognize".

We know that when we are tuning our radio dial we get static when we aren't aligned to the frequency we're wanting. Close, but no clear signal. We also know that if we want to listen to a specific station, such as 103.1FM, the dial can't be tuned to 610AM. Much like the musical staff and notes, frequencies align with numbers.

Numbers have frequencies. To get to the essence of any multiple digit number, one must add the digits until the sum is one digit. For example, if your address is 22073 Elm Street, simply ad 2 + 2 + 0 + 7 + 3 = 14. Then add 1 + 4 = 5. Your home's energetic frequency will resonate with the number 5. There are special numbers too - double digit numbers - that don't blend down: 11, 22, and 33 to start with. Click the title of this article to go to my website for a summary explanation of what that means to you and any others who live in that number energy.

Addresses, names, birthdays, and other dates also have number energies. To calculate a word's number energy, write the digits 1-9 and the alphabet beneath the digits in three rows. You will be one short. This isn't the time or place for that story. In short 1=AJS; 2=BKT; 3=CLU; 4=DMV; 5=ENW; 6=FOX; 7=GPY; 8=HQZ; and 9=IR.

Today's date written in numbers is 7-29-2011. Adding those together 7 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 = 22. One of those very special double digit numbers. This one means unlimited mastery in any area, not only spiritual but physical, emotional and mental as well.

That's a really big statement. Since you are now aware of this information, use it to your advantage! As I'm writing this I'm hearing thunder rumble. "Storm's comin' Pa!" The edge of newness is cutting away the current. Put your face into the wind and breathe in the fresh winds of change. Today is a day to truly go for whatever it is that fills you with passion and joy. This is YOUR DAY!! Make the most of it and celebrate tomorrow.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Increase Your Well-Being and Flourish!

I have just finished feasting my way through Flourish and am so very excited about what Dr. Seligman has written that I encourage you to check it out for yourself. Like Kennedy challenged us to put a man on the moon and bring him safely home, Dr. Seligman has challenged us to measurably raise the levels of happiness and well-being of 51% of the WORLD by 2051. He calls this initiative PERMA 51 and I am supporting his efforts by first enlightening you about them and then encouraging you to GO FOR IT.

According to the well-tested and already implemented principles found in Flourish, there are 5 areas of measurable happiness and well-being which can best be recalled to memory through his anagram:

P: Positive emotion - You decide what you pay attention to and thereby choose what emotions you'll feel. Focusing on WWWs (What Went Well) each day consistently raises your sense of well-being. This element is measured by you from inside you.

E: Engagement - Using personal "signature strengths" (such as wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperence, and transcendence) you get caught up doing something you love. You are completely engaged in what you're doing, unaware of time, hunger, and deeply and joyfully in the flow. This element is measured by you from inside you - others cannot look at you and see you doing this nor feeling this.

R: Personal Relationships - Learning to respond to significant others in your life with active and constructive statements, personal involvement and the strengthening of your sense of connectedness enhances your relationships and deepens your bond with the recipient of your attention as you give it. This can be witnessed by others.

M: Meaning - Consider and write out your own obituary through the eyes of children and/or grandchildren describing what you did in your life to create a world for them with greater positive emotion, deeper engagement and meaning, and stronger relationships. Focus on the smaller gestures to bring greater awareness that your every action, no matter how small, affects both your family and the world at large. Define the meaning of everything you do each day with awareness of and intention to increase happiness and well-being for others. This can also be witnessed by others.

A: Achievement - Set yourself goals to accomplish (monthly, weekly, daily) and then celebrate them as they are accomplished. You are making a difference, no matter how small, one accomplishment at a time. Everyone needs a purpose. Choose yours by what makes your heart sing, increases your own happiness, and promotes your own sense of well-being. This too can be witnessed by others.

Seligman has already introduced, tested, and verified these principles in schools in America, Australia, China, India, and is constantly spreading his training to include others. He is working with other professionals from all around the globe. All their efforts are ALREADY implemented into programs in the US military to improve the well-being of all our enlisted men AND their families!! Political and governmental decisions are shifting their focus from money and GDP to the measurable well-being of the country.

He and his colleagues are actively working to make the world a better place to be. Read his book yourself. Check out how you too can begin to Flourish. And spread it virally to your family, friends, facebook pals, church friends, community, and, ultimately, the world.

What a fabulous vision! Consider more than half of the world living in a state of well-being increased by 51% - 40 years from now. We can do this!

Note: I loaned the book to a friend last night and have written this entirely from memory. If I have made errors in the details, please forgive me. My Accomplishment today was to get this blog up for you, so it is all good.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Nerve Jangling, Door Busting Arrival of Mercury in Retrograde

It was about 5:30 Tuesday afternoon. Elizabeth had just poured me a glass of wine and was snagging herself an artichoke to snack on while we were watching the season premier of Warehouse 13 on my DVR. She opened the refrigerator to grab the pitcher of water (see Tuesday's post) and —*C*R*A*S*H!!!!!*—...the refrigerator door came OFF in her hand. All the bottles and jars stored in the door slammed to the tile floor in a crescendo of chaos and shattering glass. As my mom would say, it certainly "jangled our nerve endings!"

Elizabeth had the presence of mind to freeze. She was, of course, barefoot, as was I. Furthermore, she also had the presence of mind to NOT let go of the door itself, even as pieces of shelving fell at her feet and continued to fall. I grabbed her shoes first, handed her one at a time - and of course, my phone rang before I could hand her the second shoe. Of course.

I turned and grabbed the phone and my shoes and got back to hand her the second shoe, telling the caller I'd call back later. Once I got my shoes on I was able to step in and take the door out of her hands. She began picking up broken shards of glass as I began picking up the bottles and jars. There were quite a few of them, as you can imagine from what you have in your own refrigerator door.

I immediately called my sister Diane to see if her handyman could come help me figure out how to get the door back on. He was actually still there and came right away. Elizabeth and I had time to finish mopping up and clearing the floor before he arrived. I had put the door on its top swivel and seated it on the metal shank from which the base pivots out, but it was simply shut, not attached to conserve the coolness inside.

When Asghar got here, I took the door back off, flipped it over, showed him the parts that I had recovered from the crash site, and together, we put the door back on properly in about one minute flat. Amazing. Simply amazing.

The only bottle that broke - and since gravity is still on they ALL hit my tile floor - was my bottle of wine. What a blessing, but what a smelly mess! It took me a while to wash the wine off of everything. In the collection of stuff in my door were three old cans of biscuits that were certainly past their prime. As I was rinsing one bottle off, one of those cans of biscuits exploded upward into my face, hanging glops of goo off my forehead, shoulder, and, of course, splattering all over the newly cleaned jars and bottles. Again, my nerves were jangled (and that glass of wine was still waiting for me in the living room).

About five minutes after I had completed cleaning up the biscuit blast and drying the bottles to return to the fridge, a second can exploded - hitting the ceiling, ceiling fan, and splattering the stove, cabinets, and, of course, the newly cleaned and dried jars and bottles. I tossed that mess and the last container of biscuits into my lidded trash can where it couldn't do any more damage.

I recommend that you remember these words like you remember your mother's face: "GOT to love Mercury in Retrograde. Ain't it funny?!!!" They will come in handy during the next 6 weeks for you. Just so you know, Mercury in Retrograde doesn't actually begin this time until August 2 but its effects start 10-14 days beforehand. This will last through August 26 (plus 10-14 days afterwards). And this happens 3 to 4 times every year.

Elizabeth and I were sure glad we had each other as back-up to get ourselves through our MR rock and roll riot. After I returned that phone call, she popped supper in the oven to heat. As she turned to come back into the living room —*B*O*O*M!!!*— ...the last can of biscuits blew up and she ducked like someone under fire. We had a grand laugh at that right after she chastised me for not opening the last can before throwing it away.

MR - got to love it! But brace yourselves, we're in for a rocky ride this time. For more information about what you can expect, I recommend Susan Miller's website for simplicity and clarity. Visit her website at For specific explanations and dates on Mercury in Retrograde, go here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Enjoying the Elegance of Water

One day my daughter's best friend Sarah blew me away by crunching down her water bottle. The sound alone is enough to unnerve you the first time you hear it, but the cool thing is that all water bottles are now required to be crunchable to minimize the space they are taking up in the landfills. I happily began crushing all my water bottles, and, OK, I admit it, enjoying unnerving other first timers. ; )

As a recycler, I began to think about all the waste I was adding to the planet - my carbon footprint - and its growing size with my empty water bottles, crushed or not. As I was considering how low my supply of bottles was getting I happened to be putting away some wine glasses and glanced over at my crystal water goblets that I never use. I love those goblets. I had just acquired a Brita water pitcher and decided I was not going to buy any more bottles of water. Instead, now I create a magic moment out of every glass of water. I keep oranges, lemons, limes, and even pineapple sliced to add to my crystal goblet as I fill it with water I actually bless every time I refill the pitcher.

You can bless your water quite simply. Hold your right hand so that your first two fingers are pointing out and your ring and little finger are bent toward you, while your thumb points straight up. Then moving your hand in a plus sign and then a circle over whatever you're blessing, say OUT LOUD, "I love you, I thank you, I bless you." That's all there is to it. I bless the water for my coffee, the water for my cats, and even the water I use to boil pasta. I bless the water in my shower since the body absorbs over a liter and a half in a shower, but I don't do the hand movement, or mudra, as I say the words.

I encourage you to try this for yourself. Get a few really lovely crystal goblets - check out the resale shop if you're on a budget. Get yourself a filtering pitcher and give up bottled water for a week. Try it and see if you prefer your water blessed in crystal with a splash of colorful fresh fruit OR filled with the flavor of PCBs (polycarbonate, aka plastic).

Personally, I enjoy the elegance of my new water experience at levels that greatly supersede the simple act of quenching a thirst. It's all about appreciating the moment. The money I'm saving more than covers the cost of the pitcher's filters. And my carbon footprint has shrunk. It's kind of like losing 10 pounds, while getting a raise. I'd love to hear your results!

Friday, June 10, 2011

June 2011 Newsletter is Hot Off the Keyboard!

I have just published my June newsletter. For those of you wondering how to improve your Fame and Reputation in life, here is a pretty good collection of tips and tricks. You'll also find a link to my YouTube video on Fame too.

As we approach the Summer Solstice it is once again time to check the ideas and goals we set in place at the Winter Solstice. Now, at the half-way point in the year, is the time to weed and feed those ideas and goals. Get rid of those that don't serve you. Feed those that do.

Coolidge is Back!

This baby elephant is on Sawyer between I-10 and Washington Avenue, just about at the corner where you turn to go to Target. East side of street, just behind the Knave's drawing.

I drove by it yesterday and someone has drawn in a larger elephant's foot immediately above the baby elephant. : (

I am not very happy with that. While I can appreciate a twisted sense of humor, Coolidge's art is so whimsical that this addition seemed to smite him. That isn't a delicious feeling.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh boy! News and Ideas for a Super Spring!

One of my subscribers called me within minutes of when I published this month's newsletter. She had gotten to the article about how clutter makes your butt bigger and could not quit laughing. She thought it was so funny because she had just seen a photo of herself from behind and wondered how her rear end had gotten so large.

This friend has valiantly battled her clutter since I met her. She has brought in help, had garage sales, and still constantly battles the bulge of stuff that is gaining on her. She is now doing an experiment to see if a solid six weeks of clutter clearing will reduce the size of her butt. Stay tuned. She's keeping records. I'll let you know what she discovers.

I do know that it worked for me. Every time I fold my clothes I look at the size of the spread of the rear end of my jeans and I am truly amazed. Little butt!! Really. It makes me very happy.

The clutter clearing took me years though, so if you're about to embark on the same experiment, be patient with yourself. It's like learning to walk again - baby steps. Or learning to dance - you've got to start somewhere. The more you do, the better you get. But you can't quit practicing.

It's a process rather than a place. Celebrate each drawer, each shelf, each load of stuff you take to Goodwill - bribery works. I particularly like getting a new outfit to reward myself because I can see myself in the three way mirror in the dressing room and see how good I'm looking. Losing the weight of all the stuff you've been hiding behind looks really good in the mirror. Ask anyone who follows you up a flight of stairs.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

TC Bank- Dream Rangers

I just watched this commercial, sitting entranced, intrigued, and then overwhelmed with the sense of joy that comes from living a dream. I invite you to watch it, enjoy it, then, in joy - share it with everyone you care about.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Coolidge Competition or Copycat?

I was driving down the street the other day and noticed this black cat about to cross the Dunlavy bridge over the Southwest Freeway. As a woman who has owned many black cats, I was concerned for its safety. It was scary for me to walk across that bridge with all that traffic and energy roaring beneath me! But as I got closer I realized this was no black cat! This was ART!!

Oh boy!! More random art! And it's so cute. Hmm - and whimsical. Am I recognizing a new piece of Coolidge's art? Is it in progress or is it done? I have checked and there is no cat on the bridges at Montrose or Mandell. I haven't gotten down to the Woodhead or Hazard bridges yet to see if there are other images of the cat moving further across or perhaps with kittens following. There is no signature so perhaps it isn't finished.

Updates to come!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting Ready for Spring

In preparation for the Spring Equinox, it is time to begin your spring cleaning. Learn several unusual details you'll want to attend to, including using salt at all your entrances, clearing your crystals, and renewing your intentions for your Nine Star Blessings. I hope you'll post your comments and let me know if you'd like more.

Coolidge Strikes Again

Coolidge never rests, much to my delight. My daughter has pointed out to me that his art is spray-painted! Now I have an even greater admiration for the nuances of his precious contributions that enhance my world.

I cannot imagine how fast he must be to do this and not get caught, but I really like the sheer playfulness and fun of his style. Thanks for the encore, Coolidge. May we have some more, please.

; )

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Houston's Halo

There is a building in downtown Houston that has a halo. I believe it is the JP Chase Morgan Tower. There is copy online saying it is the tallest building in Houston and the tallest in Texas. Designed by I.M. Pei & Partners, this 5-sided building is delightfully topped with a halo.

I currently live just west of downtown and my bedroom window overlooks the city. I've been here for over two years and have just begun noticing this halo about November of 2010. It might have been there before and I just didn't "see" it, but I'm seeing it now. The first time I saw it, the halo was all white. A strong steady white ring around the top of the building that shone all night long. The halo only comes on as the sun sets and goes off as the sun rises.

One morning I woke up and looked out the window to see the halo in red and blue. Hmmm, I thought. Wonder what this means? Maybe it was for the New Year celebration. Another time I woke up and opened my eyes in the middle of the night to see the halo flashing all kinds of colors, one after another. Wow - what a light show. Does anyone else know this is going on up there at night?

I don't know who created this art in light, but whoever you are - thanks! This is way cool. On so many levels, this halo and changing color effect is pulsing power into our city. I even took a little video so you can see the halo changing colors. If you know who did this, who made this, whose idea this was, or anything about those responsible for it, please let me know. I'd love to hear their story about Houston's Halo.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Acts of Art near the Heart of Houston

First I thought there was a dog by itself - no leash, no owner, and about to step out onto Washington Avenue's 5 lanes of traffic. Then I realized it was actually a drawing. A wall mural. After driving by this little dog several times and admiring how clever the artist was to do such a cool thing, I began to spot other pieces of art.

My next serendipity was the soldier. This photo is taken through a chain link fence. The art is full of emotion so I know the artist has a connection to someone serving in the Middle East. The artwork stands guard facing southeast towards downtown at the corner of Sawyer/Taylor and Washington Avenue. He is never off duty from his watch. It warms my heart with reassurance every time I drive by him. I'm not certain he was done by the same artist as the soldier art isn't signed. It seems to be a different sort of work, but I found them the same day, so I wonder if they are from the same artist.

When the tiny Tyrannosaurus Rex appeared I was so charmed I made myself put my camera in my car. It took me a few days to get myself back over to Sawyer Street, but I captured that T-Rex even though I blocked traffic (3 18-wheelers and a couple of sedans) for just long enough to snap the shot.

Each work of art's position is integral to the realism of the art. The dog looks like he is standing on the sidewalk. The soldier on one knee is staged to be on guard. The dinosaur is running like the raptor that he is, probably after rats at this size, but just so full of life and energy! All three of these random acts of art appear to be done by the same artist: COOLIDGE.

Whoever you are, COOLIDGE, I want to you to know three things: 1) I noticed; 2) I love 'em; and 3) please keep it up. Now I'm always on the lookout for your gifts. I can't tell you how big my grin is, but every time I discover your art, I smile from ear to ear.

Finally, I see that someone else has noticed your work and is following your lead. Knave seems to be angry, however. Dangerous. His art is threatening. Art is art, yes, but the Knave's work comes with a very large hand gun and no whimsy. So if the Knave should happen to come across this posting, I want you to consider three things: 1) you're a good artist; 2) you're getting noticed; and 3) if you please your audience they'll seek you out and ask for more.

I don't imagine the property owners appreciate these fanciful murals on the walls of their property, but I do. This part of town is undergoing a major rebirth. As it is developed, I hope there will be places set aside for artists such as these to continue sharing their random acts of art. They brighten the day of those who actually take the time to SEE what is around them.

Monday, January 17, 2011

January Newsletter Hot Off the Virtual Presses

Start the new year off with 8 feng shui tips for fresh new beginnings. Check out my 2011 Course Offerings Calendar. Explore the powers of crystals and put them to work for you!