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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Darkness Extends as Autumn Deepens

Here are some quick ways to raise your energy levels as the days get shorter. This is a three part series, so take yourself through all three to get all the goodies!

View the first video here:
View the second here:
View the third and final here:

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My September/October newsletter is SMOKING Hot Off the Presses!

  • Discover what to do for the Blue Moon this Sunday.
  • Register to become a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner and completely change your life forever!
  • Explore next month's Ivy Moon of Wealth and Abundance and how you can tap into it.
  • For those of you who would love to live the life of your dreams, I'm opening a new class of The Art of Living Your Life in November.
  • You're invited to An Enchanted Evening in Black on Halloween night!

Click this link to check it out:

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Friday, June 22, 2012

You're Invited to an Enchanted Midsummer Evening

There's a little place right here in the heart of Houston that contains within it a surprise portal through space and time. Seriously. You've got to come see for yourself.

As you walk into El Pueblito, head straight to the back. You will come to a narrowing of the walls, just past the kitchen, and, as you walk into their bar, you step out of the city and into to the tropics! No Air Traffic Safety pat down, no plane ticket, no drive to the airport! It is as instantaneous as beaming down from the Starship Enterprise.

Come out into the courtyard filled with lush greenery. There you will find a 15 foot waterfall cascading fresh ions into the air, breezy cabanas draped in white linens, brightly colored umbrellas, humming fans, and flaming torches.

To further enhance the magic of this uniquely special night, my most favorite group of musicians, Moodafaruka (meaning The Mood of the Dance) will be on hand to delight you with what they like to call their Nuevoflamencoworldfusionglobalgroovengypsysurf music. As Moodafaruka's erotic, haunting rhythms pulse through your veins, your feet will find a way to move your body. (Hear them at

Winners of the Houston Chronicle's Best Original Music Group Choice Award, Rom Ryan and his incredibly talented musicians regularly receive rave reviews. They play often at the Post Oak Grill, 51Fifteen, Hearsay, Rainbow Lodge, and Houston's City Centre Plaza. Their premier appearance at El Pueblito for this special evening guarantees the romance will flow as freely as the soft Summer breezes.

You're invited to meet me there in this enchanted place to celebrate Midsummer with cold beverages, sizzling seafood, fabulous fajitas, and extraordinary entertainment beneath the stars, the palappas, and 40 foot tall red-twinkle light wrapped palm trees. Dress casual and cool. Think of this as a mini-vacation, no passport required. (

I invite you to round up your friends and join me on Saturday, July 14th 7-10 pm for an Enchanted Midsummer Evening at El Pueblito at 1423 Richmond Avenue. Park your car around the block in the neighborhood to the south and walk through Mandell Park to the restaurant, or valet park for just $5 at the door. There is some parking in the lot east of the lot east of the restaurant, but I caution you to heed the parking and no parking signs. They are serious about towing.

Eduardo, our gracious host, knows we're coming, but not how many of us will appear, so if you will let me know how many friends you're bringing (email:, he can be sure there is enough beer, plenty of margarita makings - and yes, I have done my research  ; )   - and an abundance of their tantalizing treats all to be enhanced by Moodafaruka's extraordinarily evocative music. It's Summer! Let's get together and celebrate the season! I will see you there!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Trisha's Magical Mystical Healing Cookies
Especially for Your Inner and Outer Child

I recently made up a batch of my famous cookies for my cousin and, after typing up the recipe for him and other cousins, I thought you might like to have it too. Please understand that you can make cookies from any recipe, but if you want these cookies to deliver the magic of healing your body, mind, and spirit, you must follow the instructions with clear intentions and a light heart. All ingredients are heart healthy and stirred together with lots of love.

First of all you must be in a serene and happy frame of mind so you don't stir anxiety into the mix.

Next, turn on some sweet music. Center yourself within your heart and consciously turn up your love light so you can feel the energy coming down your arms and into your hands, which are 
both extensions of your heart. 

Note: Get milk in the house beforeyou start. 

All ingredient amounts can go over if you are specifically adding generosity to your end result. 

Get a big bowl and have a silver surfaced cookie sheet ready, along with cookie racks for cooling. 

First, cream together 2 1/2 - 3 sticks of salted butter, 3/4 c dark brown sugar, 1/2 c turbinado (raw sugar), 2 large brown organic cage free eggs, and 2+ tsps of real vanilla. 

Add to this creamy mixture 1 1/2 c whole wheat flour, 1 heaping tsp baking soda (to lift the weight of the whole grains), 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg (make sure your spices are less than a year old). Stir with a wooden spoon while dancing to the music (feet must be moving, hips must be swaying). Yes, seriously. 

Finally add 2 c whole Old Fashioned Oats (NOT the Quick oats!), an entire bag of whole pecans (less than a year old), and an entire large bag of Nestle's semisweet chocolate chips. You'll need your mixer for this conglomeration of cookie goodness. Just make sure that everything is pretty evenly distributed and you're good to go. 

The beaters are meant to be licked clean and smiles shared along with thank yous. 

Scoop the dough with visions of love for the persons you know will be enjoying them. 

Drop heaping soup spoons of the mix onto your ungreased cookie sheet. Cook at 375° for about 15 minutes. Place them on the cooling racks before transferring them to your cookie jar. 

Bonus Round: For a great breakfast on the run, switch the pecans and chocolate for walnuts and craisins - also some serious NUM!! 

The addition of the intentions, emotions, and love are required for the best flavor and healing results.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring is Sproinging, Bees be Buzzin' and Birds are Chirping

My April newsletter is hot off my keyboard and here to spice up your Spring! Click here to check it out. I hope you will share it with others whom you feel may enjoy it. I would love to see you all at my Book Signing Party at Lucia's Garden on Sunday, April 22nd. Lucia has copies of all my books for sale and I'll be there to sign them for you, as well as to share some insights so you can step into a world that sparkles with Feng Shui & Moon Magic! If you can't make the party, you can always order the book from amazon.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Quick Clip & Something Special to Share

What Does Feng Shui Friendly House LOOK Like?

4414 Camellia Lane, Bellaire TX
I've got a home to share with you that demonstrates what a difference it makes to have high scores on a Feng Shui Friendly Design Evaluation. This house scores 98 out of 100, and has earned the highest rating (purple), which defines this home as one of the "Best of the Best" in the greater Houston area! To see this home's photo gallery and property information, check it out here on the HAR website.

If you would like to know more about my Feng Shui Friendly Evaluation, check it out here on my website. If you're looking to move and would like me to evaluate the home you're considering buying, simply call me at 713.952.5429 and we'll get that going for you.

If you make an offer on the home, you will receive a copy of my Feng Shui Friendly Evaluation and the notarized Letter of Certification documenting this home's energies to be some of the highest levels possible.

You should know, the family living here has done so well they are moving to a bigger, better house. Whomever has the privilege of living here will enjoy the same energetic support for their family's health, wealth and well-being. This house is on the market today, but it won't last long.

I'd greatly appreciate it if you would share this information with colleagues, friends, or family you know who may be looking for an awesome place to raise their family.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Now is the Time to Plant the Seeds for Your Dreams!

My March newsletter has some great information about manifesting your dreams this year, cool ways to color your Easter eggs using stuff you have in your kitchen, and an offer of free goodies just for visiting my website to eRSVP to Lucia's Garden's special Sunday, April 22 Celebrate the Heavens and Earth Day! Check it out by clicking the title of this article.

If you'd like a copy of my book, Feng Shui & Moon Magic, let me know and I'll make sure to have one for you that day. Preorders are adding up so let me know if you want more than one. Just drop me an email to! Everyone is excited about Feng Shui & Moon Magic's unique blend of ancient Druidic teachings with the Celtic Tree Calendar blended with the energies of the year and enhanced through feng shui tips. These books are selling fast as I can get them out there, but they are also available online here at

If you'd like to preview the book, there's a free introductory chapter in the archives of this blog. Just click here to check it out!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Join Me for "Walk About With Trisha"

Wanna come play with me?

I'm creating a new game for my feng shui fans out there. It's called "On Walk About with Trisha" and will present to you photos of things I find on my walks. I ask you to respond with comments about what strikes you about the ENERGY or FEEL of the place in the photo, and what you'd recommend to the resident to improve their environment, thus enhance their lives. Look too and find things they've done well. We will collaborate and see more than only one pair of eyes can see, thus giving us all more knowledge about sweetening our home's energies.

Please visit my facebook page at to see the daily photos I share from my morning walks. It's amazing what a world we create for ourselves. Discover what your neighbors are up to and improve your own environment and life!

Find out more and friend me on facebook to earn points for more feng shui fun!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Legend of the Dragon Koi

My younger sister, MaryAnn Selva, is an accomplished artist. She has just completed and is now offering her newest watercolors: The Legend of the Koi Series.

Koi, much like salmon, swim upstream to their spawning grounds. According to legend, if a koi succeeds swimming all the way back up the Yellow River (also called the Rainbow River) and climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate, it is instantly transformed into a Dragon which flies into the sky, where it rules both the air and the water!

Based on that legend, the Dragon's symbolism includes aspirations that are larger than life and determined advancement. Koi also symbolize perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, the Koi is aligned with courage and the ability to attain the highest goals.

Both the Dragon and the Koi bring good fortune to their owners. Very few creatures bring so much power with them when they are in your environment. So I have more great news for you - now you can own Dragon Koi without having to take care of a pond! Now that's great Feng Shui! Hang these paintings in the Career gua or the Wealth gua of your home or office and experience the immediate energy shift!

Visit MaryAnn's website and see all three images in the Legend of the Koi Series. You can link there by clicking the Dragon Koi title above. Please be sure to tell her I sent you. She has a special introductory offer of 20% off their normal price for my clients, but that sale price expires February 10th when they go on sale to everyone. You are the first to know about the series. This is a limited edition and they'll go fast, so I encourage you to check them out right away.

If you have family, clients, or friends who dream big, they'll be interested in these paintings too, so I hope you'll share this email after you have checked them out. Just wanted to be sure you had first dibs. : )

Oh, and one last thing: I'm preparing a surprise for you for February. Watch your email. Fun new stuff is coming!!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year...Here, There be Dragons!

When parts of the world were still unknown, mapmakers would sometimes write in the unexplored areas "Here, There Be Dragons" to indicate there were rumors of scary stuff in that part of the world. The planet has been navigated now, except for the depths of the oceans, which is said to be one of the territories of Dragons.

In the West, Dragons are considered to be the stuff of fairy tales. Knights of yore killed Dragons because they were always stealing princesses and burning crops. Those Dragons had wings and could fly. They breathed fire and hoarded treasure. Oh, and they were big - really big. And very dangerous.

In the East, Dragons are symbols of great power and are said to bring good luck. Dragons of the East usually don't have wings, but they are masters of the skies and seas. They have supernatural abilities which include flying and controlling the weather. A Dragon is unpredictable, ethereal, and so big you can't see its head and tail at the same time. Dragons who are angered can summon typhoons, tsunamis, or droughts. Dragons who are content can bring abundance, prosperity, and well-being.

Monday, January 23rd is the Chinese New Year of the Black Water Dragon. Black is the color of the deepest waters in the ocean where the sunshine cannot reach and man has not gone. The Water element flows through our emotions, careers, and social interactions. The Dragon itself is the power of life pushing up and out into being, the same way tulips push up and out from their bulbs as Winter ends. Just as there is no way to stop Spring from coming, the power of the Dragon is invincible.

The blend of these three energies in the Black Water Dragon year suggests that 2012 will be filled with unpredictable and possibly awesome water issues and events. We will all be navigating new territory in 2012, so expect there to be Dragons! The Mayan calendar's ending is connected more to the end of an era of man's self-interest, competition, and singularity. It is said that we are now advancing in our humanity, compassion, and awareness of interconnectedness, and mankind will be better for it and the Dragon's influence.

To enhance your abundance, prosperity, and well-being this year, tend to your gardens. Replace dead plants with fresh, rich foliage. If your gardens are sparse from the drought, speak to a professional about what you can grow with minimal water. Happy plants reflect the abundance of the Dragon. Tend to your water. Make sure you don't have any leaks or drips, and prosper by saving both water and money. You'll create your own luck this year, so treat everyone you meet and yourself with respect, compassion, and generosity, and those qualities will be reflected in how others treat you. When the Dragon is content and honored, all good things flow into the lives of man.

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I wish you all the abundance, prosperity, and well-being of a Happy Black Water Dragon New Year!


P.S. To see a quick video on things you can do to enhance your career in 2012, click here. There are 5 Career videos and many others for you to enjoy. I hope you'll share them with others you feel may benefit from them too.

We are all in this together. If any questions arise for you from the videos, please feel free to write them to me just below the video. I'll get answers back to you soon as I can.


Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2012 Newsletter from Tomorrow's Key

You've read many articles about Moons, Equinoxes, Eclipses, and other celestial events. Mercury in retrograde scrambles your brain when it catches you by surprise.

Happy New Year! You've got a new calendar and I've gathered and listed all the information you need to add to your it to turn your life around in 2012!!