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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Your Power is in Your Awareness of Your Power

When you can stay in awareness of your power, your power is infinite.

Consider that one day you may feel a bit fearful or tired. On that day, any person you approach will seem to be more unapproachable. Any task you attempt will seem more difficult.

But on days when you are feeling the strength of your connection to your own source of power, any person you approach will be deliciously attracted to you. Any task you attempt will be completed with ease.

Staying in awareness requires focus. This is the purpose of meditation. I wear a ring to remind myself. You might wear a bracelet or a ballcap. What your reminder is doesn't matter, but it will be as powerful for you as Dumbo's feather was for him.

Remember to remember: your power is in your awareness of your power...and fly!!

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