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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Second Green Man Image? You Decide

I took photos today of what I feel is the masculine face in Houston's Heights Boulevard Green Man tree. After walking around the tree to follow arms, legs, spines, and even proportions, the position of this second face does correlate to the intricacy of the tree's combined trunks growth. If you consider the protrusion of the broken limb to be the "nose", the "mouth" and "eyes" are findable. This is where you must decide, as we all do. Her face is visible in the photo below his.

Your fancy lends credence or your logic infuses doubt. Whichever you believe to be true IS true for you. I have overlaid the photo with marks to show where my mind sees the face. Kinda. I think I've drawn it as a basic happy face. The image I see is sleeping and almost expressionless. But what I have marked is the closest thing to a face in the area where the face has to be for them to be so tightly spooned together within the trunk. See what you think.

Having grown up climbing Chinese Tallow trees, I'd estimate this tree to be anywhere between twenty and fifty years old. The pairing of the two trees growing into one has made it difficult to tell by the girth of the main trunk. Here is the side photo that shows them spooning. What do you think? Do we have a mysterious couple living and loving within the body of this tree or is this just fall fantasy? You decide.

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