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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brainstorming for Breakthroughs!!

Remember me mentioning MR earlier this week? Mercury in retrograde slammed me entirely THROUGH a big old wall in my world Friday. My computer died.

That machine was the hardest working champion on my team. It was 10 years old and going strong - till I had a hard freeze late Friday evening. My mac gave its all for me and I'm just as proud of it as I am of the old Mac Classic SE30 I have sitting on the bookshelf next to me (SRSLY - still starts up in System 6). I'm writing this today on my laptop - and I'm not so easy with this flat keyboard but it's working and I am enormously grateful that I have it.

I've had to really rethink a lot of choices over the past day. And to consider why I made the choices I did and even what that said about me and what I believed. Sheesh!!

I have my entire business on that old machine - all my accounts, art, work, websites, libraries of fonts and graphics, all my company records, the books I've written, and so, SO much more. I have to get to that data so I focused on reviving the mac. My younger sister, thank goodness, managed to wrangle my focus to acquiring a new computer and THEN recovering the data to it rather than investing in repairing a decade old hunka technology. Bless her persistence - she got my attention and I managed to pivot forward as she recommended.

During my drive all over town to the Apple store, a computer repair center, my sister's home, etc., I was listening to an audio of Bob Proctor's Freedom Series on making breakthroughs. (There are no coincidences.) The gist of his recording was that in order to make a major breakthrough in life, one must figure out what beliefs (or paradigms) are buried deeply in the mind that is competing with your future vision.

He recommended sitting in private with a tablet and pencil, relaxing, and thinking about all the success I want that still eludes me. Then he said to title a page of paper: "The results in my life that I have but do NOT want are:" - and then just letting them flow out of my head and onto the paper. He assured me they would show themselves like invisible ink coming to light, and he was exactly right. That was one ugly list.

To demolish those old paradigms I was to create emotionally charged 3-D visions of the OPPOSITE of every line I wrote on the first page. Every one of the new statements would list what I DO want to have as the results of my life. I was to write them on another page titled, "I am so happy and grateful now that…"

I have to tell you the way it FELT to write each of those new statements was palpably joyful and an immense relief!! It made me grin to write the first one, smile widely to write the second, and laugh in delight as I kept going. This feels awesome!! I kept going back to the list yesterday and looking over it, rereading it, enjoying it. I wanted to memorize it entirely.

Today I tape-recorded it and can play it back to hear any time I want. Once I get a new computer I'll put it on my iPod and into iTunes for ease of use.

I'm so excited I had to share this with you. If you've been wondering why you've not gotten the results you've worked so hard for try this advice from Bob Proctor. I did and found it delicious!! As those of you who have done "margarita research" with me before know, it's best that you try this out and see for yourself. If it works for you, please pass it on.

Oh, by the way, I subscribe to Bob Proctor's Six Minutes to Success. You might want to check it out yourself too. The audio CD I was listening to from which today's blog was inspired came from a free download when you subscribe to Six Minutes. I heartily recommend it if you are into blasting through blocks and brainstorming for breakthroughs!! Tell 'em I sent you. ; )

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