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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrate the Green

Today is my feast day - the celebration of St. Patrick's Day celebrates those named Patricia too. You are all invited to join me in the wearing of the green. Interestingly enough, this morning I noticed one of our trees has budded out and the lawn is greener than it was last week. Spring's energy is rising through the last days of Winter and we all feel the impending thrill of something starting. The more green replaces the brown, the more we are energized by the sun's rays (hemispheres and seasons are appropriately interchangeable here).

Green is the color that resonates with your heart chakra. A chakra is an invisible but very powerful spinning wheel of energy. You have seven major chakras in your body, each correlating to a color of the rainbow. What are you starting this Spring? Is your heart thrilled about it? Find ways to celebrate your new ideas. Just as your parents cheered and clapped as you took your first baby steps, cheer and applaud your own efforts in any new venture. Tell your family and friends about your efforts and goals. Their celebration adds to yours just as their energy adds to yours. By combining their support with your own focus, your goals and projects manifest with ease, just like tiny seedlings break through pavement and reach for the sky as they send down their roots.

If you are one who is much more familiar with the darkness and depression, I invite you to take a step today towards sitting in the sunshine of your life. Open your heart and let the sun shine in. Most of all, let your own light shine out. The whole world will be a brighter place with you shining in it! Celebrate the green and celebrate your heart.

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