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Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Tips to Help Others Make Healthier Food Choices

When you watch your loved ones suffer because of their choices, you naturally want to help them make better choices. But that is not an option. Unless your loved one is younger 12, they have already developed their sense of will and know how to make their choices, regardless of what you prefer they choose.

It's a hard lesson for us to realize we can't force our children to change their bad habits, but it's even harder for our children to talk their parents about of their own bad habits. In fact, we can't decide for our spouses, friends, family, neighbors or anyone—except ourselves. We can't decide what others should or shouldn't eat, just like we can't chew their lunch for them. But there are ways we can help others make healthier choices—by making alternatives FUN!

• Share various and unusual fresh fruits and vegetables
• Invite them to dinner at your place
• Don't wear or use food-scented products (think jasmine, not cherry; pine, not lemon)
• Bring a heart-healthy dish to share to their place or to work
• Offer water with a slice of citrus instead of sweet tea
• Invite them to go swimming, bowling, bike-riding, or even walking with you
• Ask them to walk your dog with you
• Take dance lessons together or just go dancing on a regular basis
• Park far from the front door whenever you ride together
• Thank them for helping you to eat healthier or joining you in your activities

Remember to praise them for every step they take in the right direction for better food choices. Never, ever talk about or even think about what they're doing that you consider to be "wrong." Complement them on the roses in their cheeks, the way their clothes fit differently, or just hug them and tell them you love them. Just like no one responds well to nagging, everyone responds brilliantly to bragging!

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