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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hey Y'all! I was on The View from Venus!!

If you missed my interview, you can listen to my interview about my new book Feng Shui and Moon Magic at #BlogTalkRadio

Ginger McCord, publisher of the Indigo Sun, and Teresa Moran visit with me about my book, Living HeartWise, as well as my newest book, Feng Shui & Moon Magic. Both of these are written to give you information you can USE to improve your life on so many levels. Both books are available on

Feng Shui & Moon Magic blends the elements and elemental energies of the earth with the natural cycles of the Wheel of the Year. This book brings both together and aligns each lunar cycle with Feng Shui with the ancient traditions of the Druids and their sacred trees.

The Thirteen Sacred Druid Moon sections individually contain information designed to align your body, mind, and spirit with the rhythm of this cycle of time. The dates for each of these Moons correlates to the new Moon, rather than the full Moon of the lunation.

This knowledge is purposefully delivered dovetailed with the Feng Shui energy of the cycle. Each section contains the following details and more:
• Introduction to and information about the sacred tree corresponding to this time of the year
• Lore, legends, and historical background of deities and people, plants, animals, symbols, etc.
• Feng Shui Checklist of Thirteen Recommendations created specifically for this lunation
• Scents, Sounds, and Colors of the Season
• Magic ceremonies (feng shui cures, activities with verbal incantations, or spells) aligned with this time period which you can perform to focus your intentions and bless your life (always done…with harm to none, see the Wiccan Rede)
• Suggested Life Enrichment Activities to harmonize your life with the energy of the Moon of the season

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