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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feng Shui & Moon Magic Published!!

I am extremely proud to announce the publication of my third book, Feng Shui & Moon Magic. This book ties all the knowledge I've gathered about the Eastern alignment and understanding of energy (the Tao, Feng Shui, Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, meditation, etc.) with the Western alignment and understanding of energy (the Druid's Thirteen Moon Tree Calendar, the Wheel of the Year, the power of intention (a.k.a. magic), quantum physics, and astronomically repeating cycles). I present all of this to you in a monthly format that you can use to enrich your life with meaning that you give it. The result is that you promote success and well-being in all areas of your life.

This is the perfect gift for the witchy women in your life.  : )

Here's a preview from my introductory chapter:

Where to Start
To make the best use of this book, read through the first chapter that explains Feng Shui. Do a few experiments to integrate what you’ve read. Change something and observe your results. See if your space reflects what you want or what you believe. Go find your Wealth corner. See what’s there. Check out your front door. Look at your environment with your new “Feng Shui eyes.” There is a lot of information there to digest, so take your time with this chapter. Remember, Feng Shui is all about how YOU feel in your space, not me, not your friend...YOU. 

When you’re ready, read through the information in the second chapter about the lunar energies. Visit some of the web links recommended there. Take the time to anlayze the information given in the Druids’ Moon Calendar, pp. 56-57.  

Then turn in the book to the month before the one you are in now and read about the natural forces and environmental energies that were then at play. Recognize anything suggested there as part of your experience during the last lunation (lunar cycle)? Next, read about the current month to understand the energies now affecting your world.

Finally, turn and read what to expect in the coming month. You want to pay attention to what’s coming down the road. It’s a little like doing your grocery shopping before you start cooking for a special occasion so you will have everything you need at hand, or purchasing a birthday gift early because you know the date is coming. 

As you stay aware of what is coming in the month ahead, you will develop a pleasant awareness of the reassuring constancy in the cycles of life. The Wheel of Life turns a bit each day. Those who are aware of their world smell Autumn coming in mid-August or feel the quickening of Spring in a tiny bud found on a late Winter afternoon. 

Each chapter includes five sections:
Lore about the lunation’s associated tree
Feng Shui tips for each lunar phase
Scents, colors, and sounds of the season
Magical ceremonies to enhance the Moon’s influence
Activities from which to choose to integrate the energy of this spoke of the Wheel of the Year

Pick and choose among the many suggestions provided. There will those which resonate most strongly with your life situation at that time. Choose one or more than one, again, according to what feels right for you. I’ve given you plenty of ideas, so each year you’ll be able to try something new. As you become more familiar with Nature’s cycles, some of these activities will create new traditions. Not all will appeal to you at any given time. Consider this a cafeteria line in the course of creating the life you wish to live. 

I encourage you to take notes in the margins, highlight important passages, fill in the blanks, and bring this book to life with your own added life experiences as you go along. Write your name in it with the date you received it. Date each spell or ceremony you try and write out the results you got. Did you enjoy it or not? Tuck photos or sketches into the pages for future references.

I have arranged the months in order according to the Wheel of the Year with the first chapter correlating to the most ancient understanding that the new year began when this year’s harvest was complete. The Table of Contents gives you dates to make it easier as I’m not following the Julian calendar. You will notice that there is one day missing: December 23rd, the day out of time, or “in between day.” You’ll learn about that on page 125.

The Wheel of the Year keeps on turning but, like an unfurling spiral, it never brings us back to where we were. It only moves us forward to where we are going. We can watch our parents ahead of us and our children following us, but we each have only one shot at this day at this time in our lives. We each have one chance to choose to cherish the moment as we “stop and smell the roses” or to disregard the moment as “same old stuff, different day.”

The more attuned you are to your world, the more you can appreciate it. Real estate appreciates in value over time. The value of your life will increase as you appreciate it. 
Your sense of wonder and awe will expand. Your gratitude and daily sense of delight will bring more things for which to be grateful and in which to find delight.

You’re going to need a little information about Feng Shui and I include that here. But you’ll discover that most of the lore of the Moon and the Earth’s energies you already know. You were born “knowing.” This is ancient knowledge that thrums within our heartbeats and is coded in our very DNA. 

You’ll read things I have written here and think to yourself, “Wow, I never thought about it like that,” only to take a couple of breaths, and rethink, “Of course. I knew that. I’ve always known that.” It’s all just as natural as Mother Nature and Father Sky. Our Earth and the Moon and the Sun define our home, our emotions. Our very lives depend on them. 

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