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Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year...Here, There be Dragons!

When parts of the world were still unknown, mapmakers would sometimes write in the unexplored areas "Here, There Be Dragons" to indicate there were rumors of scary stuff in that part of the world. The planet has been navigated now, except for the depths of the oceans, which is said to be one of the territories of Dragons.

In the West, Dragons are considered to be the stuff of fairy tales. Knights of yore killed Dragons because they were always stealing princesses and burning crops. Those Dragons had wings and could fly. They breathed fire and hoarded treasure. Oh, and they were big - really big. And very dangerous.

In the East, Dragons are symbols of great power and are said to bring good luck. Dragons of the East usually don't have wings, but they are masters of the skies and seas. They have supernatural abilities which include flying and controlling the weather. A Dragon is unpredictable, ethereal, and so big you can't see its head and tail at the same time. Dragons who are angered can summon typhoons, tsunamis, or droughts. Dragons who are content can bring abundance, prosperity, and well-being.

Monday, January 23rd is the Chinese New Year of the Black Water Dragon. Black is the color of the deepest waters in the ocean where the sunshine cannot reach and man has not gone. The Water element flows through our emotions, careers, and social interactions. The Dragon itself is the power of life pushing up and out into being, the same way tulips push up and out from their bulbs as Winter ends. Just as there is no way to stop Spring from coming, the power of the Dragon is invincible.

The blend of these three energies in the Black Water Dragon year suggests that 2012 will be filled with unpredictable and possibly awesome water issues and events. We will all be navigating new territory in 2012, so expect there to be Dragons! The Mayan calendar's ending is connected more to the end of an era of man's self-interest, competition, and singularity. It is said that we are now advancing in our humanity, compassion, and awareness of interconnectedness, and mankind will be better for it and the Dragon's influence.

To enhance your abundance, prosperity, and well-being this year, tend to your gardens. Replace dead plants with fresh, rich foliage. If your gardens are sparse from the drought, speak to a professional about what you can grow with minimal water. Happy plants reflect the abundance of the Dragon. Tend to your water. Make sure you don't have any leaks or drips, and prosper by saving both water and money. You'll create your own luck this year, so treat everyone you meet and yourself with respect, compassion, and generosity, and those qualities will be reflected in how others treat you. When the Dragon is content and honored, all good things flow into the lives of man.

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I wish you all the abundance, prosperity, and well-being of a Happy Black Water Dragon New Year!


P.S. To see a quick video on things you can do to enhance your career in 2012, click here. There are 5 Career videos and many others for you to enjoy. I hope you'll share them with others you feel may benefit from them too.

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