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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Legend of the Dragon Koi

My younger sister, MaryAnn Selva, is an accomplished artist. She has just completed and is now offering her newest watercolors: The Legend of the Koi Series.

Koi, much like salmon, swim upstream to their spawning grounds. According to legend, if a koi succeeds swimming all the way back up the Yellow River (also called the Rainbow River) and climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate, it is instantly transformed into a Dragon which flies into the sky, where it rules both the air and the water!

Based on that legend, the Dragon's symbolism includes aspirations that are larger than life and determined advancement. Koi also symbolize perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, the Koi is aligned with courage and the ability to attain the highest goals.

Both the Dragon and the Koi bring good fortune to their owners. Very few creatures bring so much power with them when they are in your environment. So I have more great news for you - now you can own Dragon Koi without having to take care of a pond! Now that's great Feng Shui! Hang these paintings in the Career gua or the Wealth gua of your home or office and experience the immediate energy shift!

Visit MaryAnn's website and see all three images in the Legend of the Koi Series. You can link there by clicking the Dragon Koi title above. Please be sure to tell her I sent you. She has a special introductory offer of 20% off their normal price for my clients, but that sale price expires February 10th when they go on sale to everyone. You are the first to know about the series. This is a limited edition and they'll go fast, so I encourage you to check them out right away.

If you have family, clients, or friends who dream big, they'll be interested in these paintings too, so I hope you'll share this email after you have checked them out. Just wanted to be sure you had first dibs. : )

Oh, and one last thing: I'm preparing a surprise for you for February. Watch your email. Fun new stuff is coming!!


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