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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Feng Shui Fun On The Run

Whomever sleeps furthest away from and deepest into the house, rules the roost. If that is not you but you pay the rent, put a photo of you and whomever else does pay the rent in the furthest, deepest corner, beyond where the little dictator sleeps. Your sovereignty and self-confidence will be immediately restored. Learn the details on this positioning when you subscribe to daily Feng Shui mini-lessons at


The Feng Shui in your home, office, and vehicle either supports or strains your self-confidence. When your child or in-law is running the household, you begin to question your authority - and with good reason. This is one Feng Shui cure that works like magic! The February Feng Shui Workshop of 2/12/23 focuses on supporting confidence in your life. Register for that workshop at


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