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Friday, September 22, 2023

Feng Shui Fun On The Run You think you want your home to be your castle so you can live happily ever after. You now know enough about Feng Shui and the Celestial Animals to realize that living in the middle of water like this is going to affect you. Everything will be damp and dank, moldy and stinky. Yes, there is lots of Golden Cicada's Earth in all those bricks but there is not enough to dam the water that swamps life here. There is no Green Dragon Wood to drink the water. The Red Phoenix Fire of the red pointy gables and the White Tiger Metal capital on that hexagonal tower are not enough to balance the extreme Black Tortoise Water that overwhelms life here. This isn't a fairy tale to live in; it's a nightmare. Overlay the Bagua energy map and see the Wealth gua is the flooded courtyard, drowning the Dragon. Use the knowledge you have gained from this blog to live a fairy tale life somewhere that is high and dry, with balance among the five elements and happy Celestial Animals.

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This blog is now on the countdown to closure. This is my last Feng Shui Fun On The Run blog post. It has been an honor and a privilege to share the wisdom of the philosophies of Feng Shui with you.

If you wish you had saved all the blog posts, you are in luck. They are all published and available on my website at And I have about 5 more books yet to publish so there will be more books published in the future!

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